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Join BPA board of directors chairperson Sydney Roberts, CEO Steve Skodak, and VicePresident of Education and Events, Nate Natale as we kickoff the Virtual National Home Performance Conference.

To kick off our conference programming, we have asked one of our industry luminaries and someone steeped in wisdom, John Tooley, to help us set the tone with an inspiring message about how we all have the capability to turn the mess we are in to something positive for our lives, our communities, and our industry.

“Turning a Mess into a Message”

Are we in a mess or what? Most deal with a mess in one of three ways- deny, cope, or thrive. The big question is how do great people deal with a mess they find themselves in? Let’s examine the attributes that turn a mess into a message for life.

Video Playback

Originally Recorded April 27, 11:00 am - April 27, 12:30 pm EDT