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Create healthy spaces for voters this Election Day.

How BPA Contractors can Make Your Polling Place Safe

Increasing ventilation and using blower doors, BPA contractors can help you reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in your community.

In preparation for Election Day this November 3, get in touch with a BPA contractor or energy auditor in your region who can evaluate your space and implement safety measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

These contractors and energy auditors will equip your facility with temporary ventilation. Following the official recommendation of BPA, along with recommendations from the CDC and ASHRAE, they will use the blower door to increase air exchange and limit the build-up of concentrations of indoor contaminants. Click here to read the BPA Blower Door Position Paper covering usage during COVID-19.

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How the Blower Doors Work

A single blower door can move up to 3 air changes in a 7,500 square foot space with 16-foot ceilings.

(Or 10,000 square feet with 12-foot ceilings)

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What Sets BPA Contractors and Energy Auditors Apart

Our members know the importance of excellence in the industry and have aligned themselves with our organization to get the most up to date information and training resources. BPA members have access to content covering efficiency, health, safety, and environmental performance to help them become better contractors.

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