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Savings Back in Your Pocket!

Earn 2% Back on All Your Home Depot Purchases

Free Access for BPA & BPI Stakeholders

As a member of the BPA and BPI network, enrollment in our Home Depot ProXtra Program is free. Enjoy special savings and services, such as local store support, 20% off paint, volume discounts, purchase tracker, green spend reporting and quarterly giveaway for top spenders. With no spend minimum, you can sign up today and start earning cash back at dollar one.

If you have questions, please contact our National Account Manager:

Michael Campbell -

National Conference Gift Card Giveaway

Thanks to the attendees who entered our Home Depot gift card giveaway during our national conference. Gift cards will be mailed from Home Depot in the coming weeks. The winners are listed below:

  • Monday Morning: James Whitaker
  • Monday Afternoon: Paul Janczak
  • Tuesday Morning:  Scott Katznelson
  • Tuesday Afternoon: Joe Standley
  • Wednesday Morning: Jaime Galvan
  • Wednesday Afternoon: Keesha Johnson
  • Thursday Morning: Tanisha Rankin
  • Thursday Afternoon: Mike Wylie
  • Friday Morning: Daniel Ceaser
  • Friday Afternoon: Darin Pleines

How to Enroll

Simple Steps to Start Saving

Watch our quick enrollment tutorial video and see full instructions for signing up below.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Michael Campbell -

Start Saving Today.

Your agreement code is BPA-USC.

  1. Sign Up

    Visit the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program page. Click "Join Now" and create an account.

  2. Create Account

    Complete registration by selecting "Get Started" to load payment type

  3. Access Account Profile

    Click the drop-down menu in the top right next to your name and select "Account Profile"

  4. Agreement Code

    Scroll down the page and find "Agreement Code", then enter the in agreement code BPA-USC and your tax id. Check the box to apply the code to all existing payment methods, then click "Save Changes" and then "Yes, Apply to All"

  5. Access Cards & Accounts

    Click the drop-down menu in the top right of the page next to your name and select "Cards & Accounts."

  6. Add Credit Card

    Click “Add Card” then input information to add a card. It does not have to be a Home Depot card for tracking of spend under the program. Click here to see instructions for adding a card. 

Download our enrollment guide with full details and benefits of this program, as well as the steps for signing up.

Submit Your Questions

Have a question about the Home Depot ProXtra Program? Submit it using the form below, and our team will be in touch shortly to assist you.

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