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Welcome to the Retrotec virtual booth! Join us for our live office hours, learn more about our products and contact us with any questions.

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Everson, Washington, USA

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Jack Duffy - Kirsten Richnavsky - Sam Myers - Ben Walker - Scott Graham - Jay Edmonds

Retrotec is the world’s leading manufacturer of blower doors, duct testers, digital manometers, and air leakage testing software. Our equipment is trusted around the world by demanding professionals to conduct residential energy audits, large building air leakage measurements, duct leakage tests, and clean agent integrity tests.

Retrotec’s 300x DucTester includes even more improvements to the residential duct testing system. Mount your DM32 WiFi Gauge directly onto the shell for easy accessibility. A new foot design allows for a secure, sturdy base.

Retrotec’s Model 5100, our most popular blower door system for Residential & Small Commercial outsells any other Retrotec make or model. Test any residential house. Complete with a gauge, fan, 6 ranges, connectors, and software. Fully automatic and manual operation. Quick connect frame with extra crossbar for stability and gauge mounting. Everything included.

Our DM32 WiFi is a dual channel touchscreen (wireless optional) manometer /differential pressure gauge for Blower Door and DucTester operation. It’s small, lightweight, and exceptionally intuitive to use.

New Product Alert: The Retrotec FlowBox Exhaust Fan Flow Meter & Pressure Pan. The FlowBox is a passive exhaust fan flow meter that utilizes the DM32 manometer to measure exhaust only flows. In addition, you can use the FlowBox as a pressure pan by simply using all blank range plugs.

The Tiny S is a fog generator ideal in the field for air flow measurements and blower door testing. Outstanding performance has been realized in this small package. With the small dimensions and the weight of only 250 grams (including battery and tank), this little gadget can be easily used where small amounts of fog are desired.

Retrotec Grill Masks: New & Improved! For the first time, Retrotec is offering grill masks in multiple sizes. The Retrotec Grill Mask is ideal for covering holes and duct registers when testing enclosures, houses, or duct work. The self-adhesive grill mask comes in an easy-to-use perforated roll, which is perfect for use in the field. The adhesive sticks firmly and is an effective air seal, but won’t peel paint when removed.

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