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Don't Blow This Chance to Make a Difference on Election Day!

Blower Doors can Make Polling Places Safer.

Take the opportunity to promote healthy voting spaces and reduce risk in the COVID-19 environment for your community.


Be Ready for Election Day 2020

As we approach Election Day on November 3, 2020, the health and safety of in-person voters is a growing concern. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, contractors and energy auditors can equip voting facilities with temporary ventilation. BPA’s official recommendation is to use the blower door to increase air exchange and limit the build-up of concentrations of indoor contaminants.

Click here to read the BPA Blower Door Position Paper covering usage during COVID-19.

How to Get Started

Download the prepared flyer (above) to promote in your community.

Share with the polling place officials to educate them on the benefits of extra ventilation. Try someone in these roles:

    • State and Local Election Administration
    • Lieutenant Governors
    • Commissioner of Elections
    • Chief Election official
    • Election board/commissions

Schedule the work.

Use the prepared Checklist to optimize the space.

Install the temporary ventilation systems for election day, Nov. 3.

The Follow Up

Remember, this is your chance to develop an ongoing relationship with members of your community. Follow up with them for other events and share any additional recommendations for their space as appropriate.

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