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Our national conference this year is bringing the industry together online for five days of education and networking. While we can’t get together in person, a virtual-only experience offers some major time and cost savings to you!

The costs associated with in-person events add up quickly – the average airfare being over $300, hotel stays averaging $800, and registration costs tacking on another $875. That brings the total to almost $2,000.

Savings This Year

The great part about the virtual conference? You get the full experience for only $450 ($350 if you’re a BPA member). No matter where you are, you can comfortably enjoy all 120+ live and on-demand sessions, networking opportunities, social events, and more from home.

That sounds like a pretty good deal to us! So, we hope you’ll join us live this April 12-16 and take advantage of the benefits a virtual-only conference has to offer. Be sure to complete your registration by April 7 to ensure you have all the access you need on day one of the live conference.

Your registration also includes access to all of our live social events, plus six months of on-demand access to the sessions.

P.S. We’re glad we can offer all of our conference content in a digital format, but we still can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces in person, yet again, for the 2022 National Home Performance Conference.