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A note from Nate Natale

Vice President of Education & Events



Back in March when we were forced to take the National Home Performance Conference virtual, we were optimistic that we would see some of you this fall at our fall regional conference… and then see some more of you at our winter regional. Oh, how wishful that all seems now as the pandemic rages on!

Here at BPA, we have been considering alternatives to our in-person regional slate for this coming fall and winter, in case we weren’t able to get together. We are ready to pivot. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that we expect that the next time we get together as an industry will be at the National Home Performance Conference and Trade Show in Austin, Texas in mid-April of 2021.

While this is less than thrilling – we all crave human interaction so badly – imagine how fired up we are all going to be rolling into Austin! Plus, it gives us something to look forward to and to strive toward…as we all have our part to play in getting back to normal sooner rather than later.

Until then we are excited to tell you about our Regional Education Series we are planning for the fall of 2020. We have been bringing the industry regional conferences and trainings since 1994 and these products have become part of the heart of what we do.

While there is a ton of content that appeals to our national audience, we know that states and regions have specific challenges and opportunities that need learn about and discuss. From housing stock to climate, to local business conditions to program and policy updates, localized content is a key offering from BPA for our members to use to learn and grow.

With this in mind, while not being limited by the requirements of travel, we are launching our four-part Regional Education Series this fall. We will be developing and delivering regional content for four regions — two in the fall and two in the winter. The content will be a mix of live and recorded content – all delivered through the BPA Learning Library.

In addition to the regional content, we are also working to develop collections of nationally appealing content that would come with each registration, along with the regional collection.

Each region can be purchased independently or you can purchase all four – and those who do so will get special discounted pricing. Speaking of pricing, these are tough times all over and we recognize and understand the struggles many companies and organizations are going through. We had this in mind when designing the series – it is a limited frills power shot of education, with approximately 24 hours of CEUs – but at a reasonable price, coming in at $100 for members and $175 for nonmembers.

So here we are, trying something new again, to help play our part in ensuring that our industry doesn’t stop moving forward during these tough times. We hope that you enjoy what we will roll out in the coming months and holy smokes, I can’t wait to see y’all in Austin!