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Eight weeks ago, we had to cancel the in-person National Home Performance Conference in New Orleans. Seven weeks ago, we decided to bring you the national conference in a virtual format.

Our virtual conference model is a hybrid between live-streamed and on-demand, pre-recorded sessions. We chose this route, in part, to convene our community during the week we planned to be together – to foster the sense of “togetherness” a live, virtual event helps create. Of course, with most decisions, there were many factors involved. I’d like to tell you about one of those other factors…

Our Learning Management System (LMS)

As part of this pivot, we have invested in a Learning Management System (LMS) to bring you the on-demand portion of the conference (and training and education into the future). A typical buildout of an LMS takes about 12 weeks. But the buildout is just the infrastructure; we have also been recording and editing many, many sessions on a parallel track. We are on track to deliver ours, with lots of content ready to go, in 8 weeks. So, not only did the two weeks of live content bring us together and foster engagement…it also provided some much-needed room in our very ambitious timeline.

For us to be able to do this in an abbreviated timeframe and to do it at the high level you are going to experience, we created the new position of LMS Manager as part of our BPA team.

Check out the video below to meet LMS Manager, Tiffanie LaBruyere-Drown, and get a sneak peek at the look and feel of the on-demand content.


After weeks of hard work by so many, I am happy to announce that we will be launching the on-demand portion of the conference during the week of May 18.

On-Demand Session Overview

The sessions will be released in batches through what we are calling the BPA Learning Library. The first wave of content will include over 40 unique sessions with fresh batches of sessions released throughout the spring. In the end, we and expect to deliver 110+ sessions as part of the National Home Performance Virtual Conference!

This launch does not mean the end of the live engagement. Many of our presenters will be holding live Q&A’s for their session(s) which you can sign up for in the Learning Library.

I don’t have words to fully express our appreciation of you coming along on this journey with us- it’s incredible and we are so grateful. There is no industry I’d rather serve!

So as we move toward our pivot to on-demand (a pivot within the pivot) I will leave you with the ABCs of why I can’t wait for you to experience the BPA Learning Library:

  1. The opportunity you have to develop professionally by absorbing so much content, much of which you might not have taken at an in-person event (120 hours max vs 22 hours max!)
  2. The incredible library of content we have assembled from presenters and trainers who contributed their expertise, experience, and wisdom to this year’s conference.
  3. It’s awesome!


– Nate Natale, Vice President of Education & Events