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When I last wrote on the conference blog, I told you to expect more content the week of May 18. That is definitely happening – just not in the way we had planned.

Our BPA Learning Library is stocked with sessions that you could binge on for days without ever taking a break! Unfortunately, putting the final touches on the Library is taking a bit longer than we anticipated. We want to get it right and, as always, provide you the best experience possible. We thank you for your patience as we do just that.

Next Week: 15+ New Educational Sessions

So, here is what we’re going to do right away. The week of May 18 you will have access to our first batch of on-demand content from the Learning Library. You’ll access those sessions in the same way you viewed the live sessions. You will gain immediate access to approximately 15 new sessions on the Virtual Conference website.

The new on-demand content can be viewed at your own pace. To keep the interaction going, many sessions will have live Q&As with presenters that will be scheduled soon. After you’ve viewed a session, you’ll be able to submit questions to presenters, and register to take part in the scheduled live Q&A.

Coming Soon: The Second Wave of Sessions

The next wave of content will be delivered in the coming weeks. At that time, you will have access to the full BPA Learning Library. We will provide your personal login information at that time.

I am confident you are going to love the BPA Learning Library and want you to know the delays are not connected to the library’s functionality. We simply want to make sure we get it right and provide the best possible learning experience to you without glitches or frustrations. We promise it will be worth the wait!

CEUs Available

I know that CEUs are important to many of you… and we have you covered. When you launch the session, you will be asked for your personal information to log your course start time, and then at the end of the session, you will be asked to complete a course survey.  These inputs will allow us to verify your conference registration, session attendance, and process your CEUs.

So, this is how we will move forward next week. We will continue to share our on-demand content throughout the spring to provide you a full library of over 100 sessions. The next time we add content, we plan to add it to the BPA Learning Library. If by chance we can’t do that, we are pleased to offer it here, on our new conference website.

We hope you enjoy round one of our on-demand content. We thank you for your patience and ongoing support. Stay safe and keep on growing!

– Nate Natale, Vice President of Education & Events