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There’s a lot different about this year’s National Home Performance Conference—first and foremost, that it’s completely virtual. But we want you to know what to expect, and that’s the same great content and vendor interaction you’re used from our in-person conferences. This year, you’ll get that in three ways.


On Monday, April 27, our live sessions begin. These will include live presentations lead by industry experts who are sharing content via video, Q&A sessions, live happy hours with other attendees, and more.

The live sessions will continue for about two weeks and we will have additional live events (Q&A, happy hours) throughout the Spring. To access live events, you need to log in at specific event times to participate; however, these sessions will be recorded and available until April 2021 (12 months after they’ve occurred). You can earn continuing education units (CEUs) by viewing these sessions.

Here’s a preview of the topics you can expect to see live in the first few weeks.


In addition to live presentations, we will also have recorded sessions that can be accessed on-demand. These sessions allow participants to learn on their own schedule and at their own pace. Because we’re busy having presenters record, upload, and organize educational materials, we won’t have these sessions ready until sometime after May 10th.

You can earn continuing education units (CEUs) by viewing these sessions, which will also be available until April 2021. These sessions will start to appear online after the live events take place.


Registrants (and the public!) also get access to our virtual trade show floor. This trade show includes a landing page for all of our exhibitors that includes information about their company, contact information for a company representative, and related videos and links. Attendees can interact with this landing page any time by clicking on a logo, sending an email, or contacting the company representative.

On May 6 and 7, we will have a live trade show event where trade show representatives are available at designated times in virtual conference rooms. The trade show and all exhibitor content will be accessible until April 2021.

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